Accustomed Darkness
Time lapse of a 10 hour video documentation of an installation near James River


It is the sorrow of love’s absence
It is the desolate valley of hurt rock, clouded
It is the damp ground beckoning the wounded heart

It is vitamin D deficiency-
It is depression
It is the obscuring obstacles that withhold the Traveler

It is the un-trekked desire lines that lead to Truth
It is that which tempts the Curious
It is the shadow casted beneath the illuminated surface

It is the depths of the Unknown
It is waves of invalidations
It is the reveal of what is washed ashore

It is Earth’s veins ripped, bleeding out
It is the charred remains provoked by the Tyrant’s fire
It is the smog that fills the Destitutes’ lungs, gasping

Is the innards of the eyelid
It is the dilated pupil that chooses to believe
It is the ink that spills the order

It is the unwillingness of the hateful society
It is their malicious histories
It is the untold stories of the original Dweller tucked under the trampled topsoil

It is the coal that ignites the flame
It is decay, it is the foundation of life
It is the gloom of the day that halts the seed

It is the veil of the Mourner who disguises their unrest
It is the numbness of our own protections
It is an accustomed way of Existence

It is resolving the day and anticipating another

It is something We aren’t prepared for

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